Rob Kravec


M.S. Student in Statistics at Duke University, Class of 2022

3 years of full-time work experience with McKinsey and Capital One

B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University

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Data Science Portfolio

Animated Plots with NFL Tracking Data (Shiny app)

Shiny app that generates animations of NFL passing plays from the 2018 season, using a custom-built theme. Inspired by NFL Big Data Bowl 2021 on Kaggle.

Those interested in producing their own American football plots can check-out my ggfootball package in R. To install, simply use the following command: devtools::install_github("robkravec/ggfootball")

Atlanta Braves Statcast Data Exploration

Exploration of 2017-2020 Atlanta Braves Statcast data (pitchers only). Sub-projects include:

Economic Impact of COVID-19 (Duke Datathon 2020)

Winning submission from Duke 2020 Datathon, which challenged entrants to understand and forecast local-level economic impacts of COVID-19. I specifically worked with unemployment data from the Central Population Survey and highlight this analysis in the linked repository

Top News Headlines (Shiny App)

Shiny app that displays top headlines and news sources in tabular form based on user inputs

NYC Taxi Visualizations with Spark

Analysis of February 2015 NYC taxi data. Primarily highlights advanced visualization techniques, use of Spark, and reproducible multi-step research processes

Blackjack Strategy Simulations with Parallel Processing

Assessment of different blackjack strategies through simulation, emphasizing efficiency through parallel processing and purposeful design of functions